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What is Full body massage?

A full body massage is a popular form of the massage therapy procedure. Here massage therapist massages the entire body of the recipient in a special way. Full body massage is considered as the best way for full-body relaxation and rejuvenating the body cells.

Relax Body Massage Spa is considered as the best spa in Bangalore. We have specialized therapists in full body massage, aroma massage, deep tissue massage, Thai massage, and Nuru Massage. 

What is the best way to give a full body massage? 

  1. You can start your full body massage face up, or face down.  
  2. If a therapist wants to start your full body massage from the feet, you can start with the feet. If you want to start at the head, work your way down from the feet, you’re going to work your way up. 
  3. If a therapist wants to start from the feet up, let her start from the ankles or even the feet, then moving up and going all the way up. 
  4. She can even continue on through the back and the shoulders. If she wants to do compression, all the way through the body, which is very very soothing. 
  5. She can have compressions going through the whole body moving all the way down, going towards the feet. And then she can move her way back up again. Even if the recipient is face up or face down therapist can do the same thing both ways. Doing compressions all the way up and finishing at the head.


What comes with a full body massage? 

 Whenever you’re a full body massage, you want to do usually start on the back, and you’ll get a little bit of oil on your back. And the main key with full body massage is to do nice full strokes. Full body strokes make people feel connected and it’s very relaxing to do these types of strokes. 

So as you get soothing massage strokes down the back and come up the sides in the beginning. And you want to be careful not to let the therapist press on bone, like on each side of the spine. And let the therapist work around the scapula or the shoulder blades. A little bit over the top of them but you don’t want to do too much pressure right on the bone or any bony prominences of the body. A therapist can also come down the sides and can go back and forth. This is called cross-fiber friction. Skin goes the opposite way that the muscle fibers go, and this can loosen things up and help the body relax. A little bit of neck work ie gentle massage on the next is always nice. That’s where people carry a lot of tension and stress. Gently rob on heads. This always feels good. People like to have what they call head washing. And then after you work on the back for a few minutes. You can go down to the legs. In the same thing, you want to apply oil. Do long full body strokes. Do a little bit of cross-fiber friction on the legs. All the way up and down the body. And then you would turn the person over and do the other side. And that’s how we do full body massage.

How long does a full body massage take? 

Typically a full body massage lasts from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. The duration of the session depends upon the particular need of the customer and the rate of the session.

 How much is it for a full body massage? 

In Relax Body Massage, normally a full body massage will cost you Rs.2000/-. Please feel free to contact us to know about the special discounts and package that we offer NOW.

 How often should you get a full body massage ?

It’s good to take full body massage once in a fortnight. Even, once in month full body massage is good for overall health. 

Is it OK to ask for a happy ending? 

It’s absolutely alright. Please feel free to ask your specific requirement before the session starts. 

What does a happy ending cost? 

It depends upon the duration, therapist, and type of massage a customer chooses. Please feel free to call us/WhatApp to know more about the prices and packages.

How much should you tip for a happy ending?

There is no written rule here. You are welcome to tip any amount you like. There won’t be any pressure from us to make you pay a high tips. 

Full Body Massage – FAQ 

Q) How Much full body massage Cost?

Answer: It starts from Rs.2000/- for a 60 minutes session

Q) What is the Duration of a full body massage Session?

Answer: 45 minutes to 90 minutes

Q) Am I get a therapist of my choice?

 Answer: Sure. We have therapists from South India, North India, and North East.

Q) What if I am not satisfied with my full body massage session?

Answer: If you are not happy with the service, immediately report the same to the reception desk.

Within 15 minutes you have to do it. Then we will replace the therapist and resume the session.

Q) Is there any monthly, bi-yearly, or yearly package available?

 Answer: Yes. We have monthly, bi-yearly, and yearly packages available for esteemed clients who want  full body massage frequently. Please call or WhatsApp us for more details. 

Relax Body Massage is one of the well-known Spas in Bangalore specialized in full body massage and all types of other massage therapies. Please feel free to contact us if you are thinking about getting a soothing full body massage

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