Body Relax Massage

Thai Massage in Bangalore

Thai Massage in Bangalore is also known as Thai Yoga Massage. The main objective of Thai Massage is to facilitate the free movement  of subtle flow of energy in our body. It will lead to healing of pain and rejuvenation of body cells. Therapist uses her body-weight to get some gentle deep stretches in your body. Thai Massage session generally starts with feet, legs and arms to align the body energy. Then slowly get into other parts of the body

Thai Massage spa therapy in Bangalore

Thai Massage-Make Your Body Flexible

Thai Massage is a full-body experience. Normally Thai Massage techniques are strong that involves some stretching to remove the knots and bodily tension. A technique called consistent pressure point is used to channel out the stuck energy in our body. The therapist is hyper focused on the areas on tension. After one session, you will feel deep relaxation and flexibility

Benefits of Thai Massage

  1. Increase in body flexibility
  2. Deep and continuous Relaxation
  3. Healing from Back-pain
  4. Will help  insomnia patients to sleep faster
  5. Will get relief from arthritis
  6. Improve the libido
health benefits of Thai Massage spa