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Ayurveda Massage in Bangalore

Ayurveda Massage in Bangalore is based on our ancient system of Ayurveda Medicine. Since Ayurveda is entirely based on the principle of “Well-Being through Nature”, Ayurveda Massage too is deeply rooted in the same principle. In fact, Ayurveda Massage is considered as a treatment for several diseases like arthritis, migraine, back-pain, joint pain, hair lose, issue of eye sight, hearing problems, lose of memory insomnia etc. There are very effective massage techniques in Ayurveda Massage to heal the above mentioned health issues

Ayurveda massage in Bangalore
Body To Body Massage

Ayurveda Massage-Nature's Way to Well-being

Ayurveda Massage aims to achieve human well-being through balancing of three bodily energies. They are “vatha, pitta and kapha”. Ayurveda teaches way to harmonize these three elements to optimize health. So Ayurveda Massage to aims to achieve this objective through massage. Various massage techniques used by Ayurveda Massage therapists are designed to achieve this objective. After considering the body type of the client, therapist will decide the type of Ayurveda message suitable for that person

Benefits of Ayurveda Massage

  1. Improved Eye sight
  2. Relief from Migraine
  3. Relief from Back-pain
  4. Relief from joint pain
  5. Relief from arthritis
  6. Relief from insomnia
  7. Relief from Stress and anxiety
health benefits of Ayurvedic Massage spa